What if innovation isn't a fluke?

For over fifteen years I have devoted my career to accelerated learning and the art of shifting focus states for an added edge in performance.

My journey professionally sharing these tools began with children when I was teaching in the Boston Public School system. Due to the results, I was hired to teach at the college level and other public school districts how to master focus states. 

Hi, I'm Emily

12+ years entrepreneur 
10+ years rained in tools to shift focus states
7+ years business coach + mentor

performance Coach, mentor & advisor

I've seen what happens when high-achievers and over-thinkers seek the quickest way to the top, building their empires like sandcastles. 

Without timely intervention, when the tide rolls in, what you've built is doomed. I help ambitious business leaders like you break the cycle of hacking growth for risky short-term gains. 

The results? 

You'll develop ninja-like focus and learn how to build sustainable growth rather than painfully short-circuiting. As a performance coach and mentor I help you expand mental bandwidth and reach your audacious goals. 

When I took the risk and became an entrepreneur full-time in 2012, I simultaneously started to receive formal trainings in meditation, NLP, hypnosis and more. It was a key to my success in the constant pressures of business ownership.

I believe with the right tools you can increase mental capacity and tap into a flow state naturally to innovate. 

For six years I lived in San Francisco working with startup founders, entrepreneurs, investors and executives in Silicon Valley using progressive techniques for business growth and personal transformation.


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