Clubhouse Comes to Life in NYC


On December 30th I was scrolling my way through instagram stories when an online friend was posting about an app called Clubhouse and had three invites to spare. At the time I was heavily focused on building out my now eighty page website for Return to Sacred. I was already a bit behind my timeline and I made the promise to myself not to get distracted by a new app. Being a closet techie who is forever curious this wasn’t the easiest thing to refrain from, however I somehow knew if I opened the app and started to browse after setting up my profile I’d get sucked down a rabbit hole. Know Thyself.

I stayed true to my main focus, yet as we all know by now, (especially with the pandemic), life has many twists and unexpected turns. I launched my website the same day the U.S. capital was under attack. San Francisco at the time had also extended its lockdown which prevented me from seeing clients in person. I was left frustrated, confused and unsure how I was going to keep moving forward, in that moment I felt defeated, stuck and dictated by circumstance. However, I somehow knew there had to be a silver lining.

I remember that evening crawling into bed and waking up at 3:30am alert and unable to go back to sleep, I decided to open up the Clubhouse app I had almost forgot about.

“This is it?” I thought in a state of compounded disappointment, “talking portraits, a zoom without video?” It was not clear to me within the first 5, 10 or even 15 minutes, but eventually as I clicked around the app I realized these rooms were stages, interactive podcasts, a dinner party, a networking event, a free coaching hot seat. I somehow knew in one of the most unprecedented times I had been given an opportunity to share my gifts and as a beta user to become a student of culture unfolding right in front of my eyes.

I started to meet Tedx speakers, business owners, teachers, community builders and more. This audio intimacy was unlike anything I had personally experienced before when it came to meeting strangers online.

Investing time in an app can be questionable, so much of social media can be used as a way to distract ourselves from reality. Clubhouse however felt different to me, when used with intention it was a way to connect, learn, share and grow.

I would go as far to say that Clubhouse was a catalyst for me to be living nomadically for the time being and evolve my business model on how I offer my services. As a result of my consistency on the app and willingness to share openly I built a community of 11k followers to date on the Clubhouse app and created a global meditation club of 5k members. Even my instagram account grew by over 4,500 engaged followers in 6 months through organic reach.

Regardless of when family, friends or community asked in confusion, “You’re on Clubhouse again?” I knew there was a bigger purpose, a reason I was continuing to stay on the app regularly even months later.

It was in the Winter I planted seeds, Spring I watered them and this Summer I’ve seen my efforts bloom. Clubhouse came to life this past July in New York City.

I was honored to be invited to be part of Breakfast with Champions Consortium July 26th – July 28th that gathered business leaders to share a piece from my signature master class Ditch Burnout: Heal Your Hustle.

Here is a short clip from the Breakfast with Champions event I share why it’s so important to do the deeper work as a business leader and uncover what’s in your unconscious mind to release the cycles of burnout.

I also took attendees and speakers from the event through the first two parts of a five part system called Max Meditation System which utilizes breath control and a somatic body scan to release stress and distractions. This technique is extremely helpful for finding clarity, focus and grounding when your head is spinning from endless tasks as an entrepreneur.

I want to give a huge thank you to Glenn Lundy and Sara McCord who came together to create such a memorable event. I definitely recommend checking out the daily Clubhouse room Breakfast with Champions to get a daily dose of inspiration. It’s been fun to make connections with business coaches and leaders in media over these past few months and finally meet in real life.

I also had no idea Clubhouse would have given my very first catwalk experience (meow). Congrats to the beautiful Renee Knorr on her fashion show.

While I was in New York City there was a private dinner meetup happening at the Four Seasons with many inspiring business leaders who I met on Clubhouse organized by Kate Hancock and her husband Daniel Robbins. Kate and Daniel are the founders of the club What it Takes to Run a Million Dollar Business and I was inspired how they poured into pivoting entrepreneurs who struggled during Covid.

I extended my stay in New York City for three weeks, continued to spend time with Clubhouse connections, see clients and watch the beauty of inner listening and taking a chance unfold. More to come on my current travels soon!

Are you ready to turn down the noise and distractions that is stopping you from reaching the fullness of your higher self? I will be offering meditations on Clubhouse weekly starting this Thursday August 19th in my Meditation Mastery club. You can also sign up for my newsletter to know when I’m offering my free meditations next.



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