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As a certified executive performance coach trained at Brown University I help you discover the exact tactical steps and tools that will elevate your output as a leader.

Drastically reduce inefficiencies and hidden traps to learn a new mode of operation. 


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You Don't Have to Take Years to Figure it Alone. I'll Show You The Way.

Hey, I'm Emily Leahy, a serial founder, certified coach and trusted advisor.

With 15 years of experience building companies and over 10 years of training and experience delivering transformational results to thousands of clients - I learned the hard way so you don't have to.

I specialize in performance strategies that focus on energy management and efficient effort. My clients are ambitious women in business, tech founders, consultants and investors who want to make meaningful progress and impact driven. 

90% of startups fail, and we believe this gap stems from founders not building their ventures from the inside out. We're an organization that serves founders with infusing entrepreneurial wellness into startups as a business strategy for growth.

In a world where being a woman can often feel like a disadvantage, we're an organization that offers a new way forward. We show ambitious women how to turn costs into gains by leveraging their natural rhythms and strengths in business.

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